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The Power of Optimism


The Power of Optimism Who knew that optimism could be such a powerful force! As a result of investors focusing on the good news and not the bad, we have seen market values being pushed up. However this information means different things to different investors. Above all, what will help you make [...]

The Power of Optimism2020-06-26T07:00:06+00:00

Fasten Your Seatbelt? Or Jump?


Fasten Your Seatbelt? Or Jump? This slide shows the difference in what the average actual investor earned invested in the S&P 500 vs how the S&P 500 performed. In theory they should be exactly the same. So why the difference? The difference is due to poor investor behaviour, in other words, pulling [...]

Fasten Your Seatbelt? Or Jump?2020-06-16T06:52:30+00:00

Crisis? What Crisis?


Crisis? What Crisis? While the world around us feels like it is falling apart, you might be forgiven for missing the fact that many investment markets, including our own, have mostly recaptured losses and in some cases are making new highs. How can the value of assets such as equities fall by [...]

Crisis? What Crisis?2020-06-16T06:38:27+00:00
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