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Average Clause Explanation


Average Clause Explanation When you insure your asset like a building, you advise your Insurer of the value which then forms the sum insured under your policy. The insurer charges you an insurance premium based on this declared sum insured. If you get this insurance value wrong and it is lower than [...]

Average Clause Explanation2022-08-26T08:03:56+00:00

How is the ‘US Inflation Drop’ Good News for South Africa?


How is the 'US Inflation Drop' Good News for South Africa? US inflation drop in July from 9.1% to 8.5% really is a big deal.  Washington DC is 13 000km from Johannesburg. Yet what happens today in the US capital has a direct influence on what will happen to SA's commercial hearbeat [...]

How is the ‘US Inflation Drop’ Good News for South Africa?2022-08-11T15:09:07+00:00
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