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Investment Outlook Q3 2020


Investment Outlook Q3 2020 The past quarter has been quieter than the first half of the year, and investors and fund managers alike appear to be catching their breath. This also coincides with how the investment markets have behaved over the past few months, with significantly lower volatility, many asset classes trending [...]

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The K-Shaped Recovery


The K-Shaped Recovery The recovery of a stock market following a market crash is generally described using a letter of the alphabet. A V-shaped recovery refers to a short, sharp market recovery back to pre-crash levels, while a U-shaped recovery is used where markets remain subdued for a period of time before [...]

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Budgeting through a Crisis


The pandemic has affected virtually everyone. While many of us perhaps lived without taking too much notice of the pennies, this event has highlighted the value of a clear and definite strategy for our income, allowing us to weather storms better. For this reason we wanted to share a principle of budgeting that can help [...]

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