The Great Rotation?


The Great Rotation? In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, and the easy monetary policy and stimulus which followed, it has been a relentless surge upwards in investment markets, momentarily paused only by the COVID pandemic in 2020. As at the end of 2021, the average 10-year return for an investor [...]

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Investment Outlook Q1 2022


Investment Outlook Q1 2022 Focus on the next decade, not the next crisis As much as things change, so they stay the same. It has been relatively easy to get lost in the complexity of investment markets over the past year (or two, or three!). The blend of geo-political dynamics, extreme global [...]

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Ready Player One: Mapping the Metaverse


Ready Player One: Mapping the Metaverse "This is the Oasis. It's a place where the limits of reality are your own imagination. You can do anything, go anywhere." - Wade Watts, Ready Player One Set in a dystopian world 40 years in the future, Ernst Cline’s magnus opus, Ready Player One, captivated [...]

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Important Update: Russian Exposure within Global Model Portfolios


Important Update: Russian Exposure within Global Model Portfolios With Russia instigating significant risk to Ukraine and surrounding nations, we have assessed portfolio exposure and positioning to evaluate where there may be potential issues and where we need to take action. The note details specific fund by fund exposure across funds which we [...]

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Investment Outlook Q4 2021


Investment Outlook Q4 2021 Over the past number of years we have often discussed the topic of inflation and its importance as an underpin for asset prices. With low inflation – a function of technological innovation and globalisation as key drivers – allied with low interest rates, times have been good for [...]

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2022 Investment Outlook


2022 Investment Outlook  We have highlighted a few major impacts to markets as we start the year off, to give you a sense of what is affecting the performance of your investments. International Markets Global equities were buoyed by signs that the highly transmissible Omicron COVID-19 variant appears to be substantially less [...]

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China – An Opportunity Among Growing Uncertainty?


China - An Opportunity Among Growing Uncertainty? Over the last year, Chinese equities have been battered after the Chinese government, directed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), stepped up regulatory interventions across the technology sector and wealthy individuals. These actions have sent the share prices of the most beloved Chinese tech companies [...]

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What is “All Risk” Insurance?


What is "All Risk" Insurance? Most people understand that House Contents insurance covers you for fire, storm and theft of your belongings whilst inside your residential property. When people leave their houses and take belongings with them however, things become a bit vague. This post is to tell you more about how to correctly insure your [...]

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Investment Outlook Q3 2021


Investment Outlook Q3 2021 Not much has changed over the past quarter. But a lot appears to have changed. What do we mean by this? Investing is made complex simply by the amount of information flowing around, and while it is often well intended, mostly it distracts, confuses and alarms investors, which [...]

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The Global Tax Cartel


The Global Tax Cartel “...but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Benjamin Franklin's quote has become quite pertinent given the recent push by the large developed economies to set a global minimum tax level. For years, large multinational corporations have been employing tax avoidance [...]

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