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What a Moody’s Downgrade Could Mean for Us


What a Moody's Downgrade Could Mean for Us There is much sensationalism around South African debt being downgraded to junk status by Moody’s. In the likely scenario that this happens, what are the actual anticipated effects? Please see a quick summary in the following two slides. If you’d like more info on [...]

What a Moody’s Downgrade Could Mean for Us2019-11-11T06:07:55+00:00

Cancer in SA


Cancer in SA None of us like to worry about cancer - so lets not! A practical way to do that, is to know that if we are diagnosed with it, we'll have the money we need to get the treatment that'll make us better. Please chat to us about how much [...]

Cancer in SA2019-11-04T12:08:11+00:00
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